Fearness is just state of mind not real !

28 may,2018

With this statement, I can agree blindly that it’s just a state of mind which isn’t real. Everything has own mythology to dealing the problems to makes the situation stable, mostly it concern how we look on that fact. Fear is a such void concept which has the power to dominant somebodies mind easily and effect on your courage, confident, performances if you aren’t aware. So, if you have the knowlegde on source of fear and you’ve to work on the requirements to tackle it down and which will make you a good tackler. See ! fear has no any definate existance place, it took place only when somebody feels very low or gathered by negetivity toward of a task completion and that afraid try to compromise your brain to not accomplish the work.

For e.g., Suppose In an interview 3 candidates are participating A,B&C , its natural that nobody is equal to one another so, in such situation everyone gets nervous which is so obvious even if you are so confident enough(its just state of mind). Among them ‘ A’ is one who has different kind knowlegde, good communicative skills, high confident…etc so, automatically A’s mind will start to thinking in easy way that it just a interview and doesn’t need to be worry at all and the B & C is in fear and that fear took place beacause they aren’t confident enough and that confident comes from various qualities such high capablity to face the problem, may be high qualitive education, high commmunication skills & knowlegde..etc and somewhere in there mind it’ll be set up that their interview aren’t going to be well (negetivity compromizing their mind) its reality that negetivity will influence on their performance or they might be fail . Thus how fear lead us to be failure. One of the most important thing , Meanwhile without having good quality if you try to be high confident, you might fail.so the bottom line of this-

“Gain your inner quality that quality will increase your confident and that confident will heal your fear”.

Added to it, when we put our efforts behind our weakness or non-interesting goal then its has high chance to be fail, and that failure makes us demotivate always which will creates fear by various negetive thoughts on your mind that thoughts kept you remembering that next you also going to be fail . You might ask why someone will fail ! If the person work hard on that . Let me make it so simple and clear the reason of it suppose you love the chicken most and you are asked to have pork (which you dont like) what’ll happen next, you’ll try to get adjust with pork but i can be sure which has no longer persistance and you’ll fail there. As such way our human life also can’t deal with non-interesting aspact. So, the failures always keep doubting on your crediblity wheither you can do or not but there is no fault of your mind its your fault that you have choosen the wrong one.

“Always keep in your mind that you are directing your mind and there has two side either good or bad way. If you have the power to makes your mind fool by positivity which ensure your success and makes free from fear occupied mind easily”

Till now we just have talked about the problem how fear creates and also there has some way to get rid of it by adopting various tricks these are :

  1. Positivity : Its a such weapon which has no alternates. Always should be positive towards anything which ensure our persistance durablity. If your thought process always avoid negetivity then fear doesn’t get chance to be emerge.
  2. Avoid critism: Critism is such a act which always pull you back till the time you aren’t avoid it and it spread fear which covered a large area of your mind and trying to stop you to do.So,if you are clear with your goal then i would love to suggest you as much as possible try to avoid critism which makes your spirits strong and fear weaker.
  3. High dedication: High dedication always pump up your success posiblity and merge your fear and negetivity. See, all these mentioned point are inter-realated, if somebody trying on you critism which resultant as failure because of fear( which occures due to peoples critism), when you will dedicate towards your goal continuingly though people critise on you which heading you to success not fear.
  4. By Making your mind fool: You might feel i must gone mad, but no my dear. It is possible to make your mind fool, let me explain how it works. If you doesn’t control your mind otherwise your mind will control you. So, very carefully always try to make your mind fool by ordering your benificial statement. For e.g., At late night , suppose you are in a single room and you started feel unusual which natural( it happens because reducement of different toxic gases meanwhile we consume that which make our mind malefunctioning) thus how our mind makes us awful. So if in that situation you command your mind the truth(the real reason behind of that) meanwhilst you making your mind fool. Its can apply in every aspact.

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— Rubul Rashed


When you think “BEST THEN THE REST”

4 Feb,2018 #focus #motivation

Since our childhood we all are came to heard this phrase “think best yourself “. Do you agree with that single sentance has a great impact in our life, society, way of thinking, studies,realtionship…etc. peoples self-confidence and willpower can be consider as key weapon to be succeed in life even someone isn’t physically fit. Only think positively can direct one’s life into different zone just when someone started to think themself as best then rest. Its influence heavily each and every corner of our human environment which leads us to innovate or create something new unknowingly i.e, mentality get effect and leading to capture the physiological part of people which starting to behave in strange way, thinking level becomes uncomparisonable, find uncommon way to solve the problem in different way where ordinary people stuck to do in followed way. wherever you are thats effected mindset always keep you remembering that you are best so,spontaneously act of level touch the piller of success. The quality of positive thinking heading foreward as rapid-fire. Positive minded people always try to do everything on thier own instead of bothering others as much as possible and keep try to work on thier own deficiences instead of others cause somewhere its written as “first change yourself, then other’s”.Thinking as best ownself increase courage and willpower to tackels the trouble even those are unbeatable. While one’s commit him/herself as best automatically minds find strange track for completion that particular thing in best possible way and somewhere in mind afraidness always keep boosting us to win. Its doesn’t require to think best that you should win. Its can be consider just as an alternative way to be success. As everybody different from mindset accordingly everyone has own secret mantra(own plan) through people achieve thier success. Its effect one’s dream, attitude, way of thinking meanwhile who think ownself as a best then the rest.

Lets remind about one of the famous american professional and activist Muhmmad Ali.You might have heard that his famous quote that he used to follow the rule in ring while had to fight against opponent and kept commiting himself I am the best, I m the champion even in trouble. Which made him up more energised or more strong to fight back. This single sentance is not just a stanza instead of its full of emotions, willpower, dream,energy…etc.

Its doesn’t require to best in every sector while you start to think and followed but its matter a lot how many times you fallen down and wake up to fight back to your problem . Only thats positive energy help you unknowingly affect on your dream and resultant as success one. Only that spirits comes from a trust to do best which always keep up motivating people. Spontaneously minds get a reason to do better than rest. In such way talking pattern with people, dealing mantra with everyone, studies, impression to society, peoples reaction , peoples importance change into best way. You must have heard a quotation that “we be that,what we think” so, see! A great magic of peoples mentality portion which effect in our physical action too. Its not to be worry ever if you fail once cause we are not machine even machine do sometimes. Instead of getting back move foreward during the time if once your mind compromise as can’t do, what would be peoples reaction, other will laugh at you..etc seriously you’ll never ever able to complete that instead of that you have to think in positive way that nobody can not jumping over success at once so, to touch the piller of the dream have to be slow and steady and should keep up adding small step carefully & nonstoply.

Lets have an example :

You might have exparience to presentation, lecture, public speech..etc. Basically what is the source of speak non-stoply even you aren’t practise ever over that i.e., self-confidence, courage,knowlegde….etc. sometimes over confidence kill the appearance so, it should be measurable and should be balancing with confident and knowledge otherwise there is chances of incompletion. Normally when we ordinary guy(non-experiance people) stand infront of a crowd automatically legs start to jurking, heart beating in high 180 speed, feel trusty but why only these heppen exectly its may because of less self-confidence, not much expert,another big issue what would be the audience reaction…..etc various negative thoughts kills our courage to fight against our weakness. Simply this problem factor gradually can be decrease if you think I am best than the rest .only unloud inner sound can make you strong, can make you fearless. Meanwhilst you commitment to your dream there will be nobady who can’t stop you and action of work will be unmatchable then rest. Your day will start foreward to success.

People perception always should be inbehind learning something new each and everyday,every second,every minutes. So,even our own problem can not stop us anymore. Our minds always seeking comfort but nobody concern ever that comfortness leading us as failure in future . Learning everyday a few can took you oneday in unwanted platform.

TRUE LOVE : Can change someone?

27 Dec,2017 #truelove #motivate

The description might make you feel sarcastic. I do agree with that “True love can change someone” cause from a point of view i belong from them (i.e.,those who cheated by thier love one)and that courtesy goes to that innocent girl.when you love someone unconditionally and blindly that moment the chances of being hurt is so high. There is no fault of anyone but the situation make. Always remember one truth which doesn’t have any alternation.

“When a boy want then girl don’t,When a girl want then boy don’t But when both want then God don’t”

Some short of people might not be agree with that those are happily get into relationship and succeed in love life. I can be sure those who hurted by thier loves one they can not ignor the reality behind that above mentioned thought. Its not that my jugdement aim to make violence. Each and every reletionship depends on some short of beliefs,norm that teach how to deals with your unfavourable situation . Sometimes your interest may direct for get benifits only which doesn’t considered True Love. As proposed title above here , question may tempting you where’s my point.

According to an independent organization research in chicago, the percentage of 21% man cheat on women and 10-15% women cheat on men.

In everyone’s life a tenure must exist that is TRUE Love. So, true love has unmatchable energy which can make someone’s change as well as destroy , its depends on how you deal with every situation. So, mind it when an individual feel that he/she cheated by someone else only when he/she loved truely someone morethan him/herself. There is something realy amazing when girls cheat boys, most of boys they try to make unlawful statement over them which i did too. I believe, it’s not important keep in touch with whose you loved most. Cause, sometime you might feel the feelings for her, those time you had passed with her, a suitcase of memory ..etc suffiecient for your rest of the life and then only your minds get space for start working on some extra thing. Because of the dream you had with her that already destroy so, indirectly your minds get motivated to complete the mission with a single purpose indirectly “you wana show her oneday that you have something too”. That something killing yourself to do innovative, creative thing everyday which ensure your success without knowing.

Let me say about me, because of true love how i am changing myself :

It had been started because of my medical coacing in Concept, Guwahati, 2015. A girl took my breath away. At first i thought it was just attraction but not totally like ever. I didn’t thought that love can be a reason to change my life. After broken up, my mind along with my heart was in big unlouded trouble.Somewhere my mind thought just because of you are nothing she left you , i couldn’t even enable to pass class test of concept and national,state level competetion out of my box. I was just killing everyday for doing something. That trust of something guiding me each and every step . I become fearless Because i haven’t anything to loss now or i dont even have any literal tackles of reletionship or i dont wana be in reletionship again..etc only because of that love been suffiecient for rest of life. I dont consider yet that i am in good position but i have got the lesson to back in right track easily , i hope which might help me in future.

Always keep in your mind, A single dream leads us to do different from rest of the people, without a dream no one can be anywhere. Each and everyday you need to make plan for day and that decipline make sure your success and the trust to do something new create a space in your life which has a great role in future.


23 Dec, 2017 #motivation, #action

Our society is gathered with different difficulties which has been prevalence since the human era started . So, here this exhibition relates me somewhere cause i have been through . One of the major problem of the society. See ! a huge percentage people assist to criticisism, different people with different mindset, lifestyle, way of thinking, way of dress up etc. So, these aren’t problem of society otherwise we people make it, we see whenever someone raise own statement in behind thousand people start making criticise but never try to familiar with reason behind it. Some extent of people jugde other’s mentality, personality, charcater..etc on the basis way to living, dress up, way to talk …etc. so, still it is considerable but when you wants to do something , those come across to criticise you who didn’t even try anything in their whole life i.e.,the problem. This heppeing because lack of litracy, communication, upgradation ..etc their mind still holding some of the blindbelief and according to that whenever he/she seems to be heppening something opposite in respective they start to react. People should always keep in their mind before jugde wheither he/she right or wrong. I belief first look yourself then the rest of the world will change automatically ,people doesn’t need to be worry about those factor. When people will start work on thier deficiencies or weakness and having dream to achieve something then nobody won’t look up deficiencies of other instead of they’ll conern what the good quality does have on that particular people. I do believe if the people start to work on own problems instead of other’s world will change oneday not only India.

Somewhere you might have been through such situation those as below–

1. I can remember even my parents and family member didn’t want to let me get admission in BBA and about rest of the people is so far. So, after admit in college when i back to home, some of the people started making judge on me as BBA has nothing to do, there not have a single scope …etc. It was so amazing when they target as a example who drop their course because of whole baglog. So, problem isn’t there that they are criticised me. My problem about who haven’t done anything in whole life those making jugde to others wheither what should do or not. Isntead of criticising others atleast appreciate them though you can’t do that shut your mouth.

2. Another problem one of most common and familiar to every married family. Each and every parents love their child that is universal truth. So, heppening anything wrong with them parents can not bear easily . As someone’s son beloved to thier parents similarly someone’s daughter too.
A certain number of people who understan about the bonding of love is the most effective way to be happy , But some of nonsense, idiot having in our society those only seeking for reason to justify over their wife, those someone’s sister, someone’s daughter but never agree with own mistake . People are just not perfact everybody know it so, people should fight against thier deficiencies instead of judging other. This is the most effective way to be happy and keep family happy.

| True fact| : when our daughter, our sister punishing at other’s house we feel bad. BUT we never try to understand that when we torture someone’s daughter, someone’s sister who have left everything for only spent her whole life with our family.

People motive always should be to work on thier own weakness. Society will never stop to jugde on you so, keep moving foreword and follow what your heart say. Makes society proof wrong that they realize oneday they were wrong

“If you wants to do something with your loyal heart for a honest purpose somewhere god always be with you”